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Easter 2015  

Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the

ARD and the Media

Worldwide CC


Germany, Luebeck, Easter 2015

„Anne Will discusses on Wednesdays at 22: 45 o'clock with her guests political processes, economic connections and social trends. “

CC Letter with political subject.

Please, let this or had better* the German language letter  be translated in many languages and be handed over to the right places.




Dear Sir or Madam, Dear Rules,

The impulse of this letter was the Talk Show of the transmitter ARD from 18. 02. 2015 "Anne Will", which consisted of a very interesting discussion group.

The question of this interesting Talk Show was:

Barbarity as a Strategy - Are we helpless being at the mercy of  the Islamic terror?

Exclusively clever heads had been invited to the Talk Show, at which the guests could also judge by a practical orientation the present situation directly in the Middle East and thus it was found out, that the terrorism and the land-covering wars are marked in the Middle East by the Islam or Islamization, while also by long-term planning and state takeovers by the big organisations is called to the final battle and therefore to the Holy War.

The suitable and very much disreputable organisations, which could get rich primarily by the oil wells and by investing in weapons, use the poverty or the unemployment and therefore the felt uselessness of the young people and lure with a "reasonable life" and with finances to buy many young people, whose want to or must risk their life or their health for that matter.

Not only in the Middle East but also in whole Europe young people become worldwide used for these purposes and become qualified, because the above mentioned motives of the young people exist worldwide.

However, the big mass of the followers has its roots in the Islam and this big, worldwide religion has clearly distanced from the actions of the terror because the Islam has been understood as a peaceful religion.

In my opinion one cannot become master to the worldwide terror problems, if the big mass of the Islamic population does not take a stand on a clear and active position, whilst all the Islamic States will take part in the fight of the terrorism or move the terrorists to the return.

The question, why thus is and not different, one should take position as "follower of a different faith" and try to put oneself in the place of a "dissenter"!

This is valid  not only for a Christian, but for all people of the big world religions, because every person would be damaged e. g. in one`s  dignity or would be felt injured, if it would be publicised one`s  religion or a part of a lived faith, e. g.  by caricatures or jokes.

A religious person must be stay responsible for his faith and will weigh the disadvantages and advantages of the circumstances in which one is living, and often powerlessness or the understanding for the "unbelievers" can be the reason for the silence.

However, the answer to these injuries of the real human dignity, which encloses the free faith absolutely, may never be of course the death of a person, the murder or the wars, but just as with each serious exceeding of a state can be answered e. g. with sanctions or with the emigration of the affected persons of a suitable state.

Also I would not put up e. g. with the caricatures or jokes about our God and Creator or about Mother of God, what let feel me injured in my dignity as a person and as a Christian.

Besides, one can state, that in the German Basic Law the dignity of the person is untouchable and this may be not mistaken with a freedom, which could injure others and has its origin rather in an antisocial interpersonal relationship.

This fundamental right is also valid at least for Europe, in which France and Denmark play a leading role at the moment, however, also in the USA the fundamental rights of a person are characterized very much.

Nevertheless, thus one should absolutely begin with dialogues with the different world religions to be able to respect and understand e. g. an "unbeliever", what can also be taken as an insult for a Christian, whereby every big religion carries with certainty at least one truth in itself.

By the dialogues no instructions or discussions about the truth and the right of any faith may take place of course and also limit values of a religion may not be exceeded, so that everybody learns to accept and to understand the others, without that any conversion become the result.

At last does not decide the person, which is the right and true world religion and which religion allows or forces a living on to the person after his life; this matter hands down only our all Creator completely alone and if he has intended different ways for the different world religions and different, individual people, it is not the job of a religious community or a world religion to convert other people with acts of violence, but this is a matter of Creator completely alone, whilst he would have to include rationally the person in the matter and commission.

This would have to be done by clear measures and events of Almighty, whilst the matter could be announced by unclear and indistinct signs.

To come back to the starting point, this would mean in plain English, that the humanity must mutually take care in the case of a possible "fall", so that  a willed by God common direction on different ways can be found, to be able to get everybody and everything under a true protection and this puts out a fulfilled life with reason, particularly for young people and for coming generations.

Along these lines at first one should go to the bother of seeing things from the other`s perspective e. g. other people, other manners and customs, before to tie oneself down to the freedom of speech and freedom of the press, however, the consequences doesn’t know!

Happy Easter!

Ursula Sabisch


In the end we altogether are sitting in the same boat; this is also valid e. g. for Iraq and for Iran, for Russia, Syria, Ukraine and for Greece.

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